What comes with exclusive rights?

Shawn Pigg
2018-11-08 17:33

Exclusive opportunities allow you a chance to own 100% rights to your area. You will control whom sales and promotes in your territory as well as how big you want to make your business.  Below is an outline of exactly what you get as an exclusive Hotels Etc. owner. The outline below is not an agreement or contract, just an outline.

What comes with the exclusive rights?

1. All Retail sales, either from corporate or your own advertising

2. All Wholesale Sales, either from corporate or your own advertising

3. All Marketing materials sold to distributors

4. Allowed to sell business opportunities to create an organization

5. 100% rights to marketing materials

6. Your domain will be based off hotelsetc.com/your territory

7. Free website and number extension off the corporate phone

8. Free support with CEO 2x a week, 1 on 1 

9 Access to Electronic Incentive or Certs Etc.

10. Access to Thursday’s conference calls.

11. Below wholesale prices on annual and lifetime membership cards

12. Residual income on annual renewals

13. Your domain will be based off your TLD country domain and linked to Hotels Etc

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