What is the difference between white label and distributorship?

Hotels Etc
2018-11-27 20:22

White label means you receive an API from Hotels Etc. and you install it within your members area on your website. When someone logs in through your website they they will have access to the booking engine. This set up makes it look like the discounts are yours, not ours.. You have to manage your entire front end of your website including hosting, design, members, membership cost, collections, customer service and etc.

If you do not have a website, we can build one for you however the price varies based on the website being created.. Typically around $1000 

We manage everything on the back end. I.E booking engine, inventory, reservations, cancellations and post reservation phone support.  

Distributors, You  purchase our annual membership cards at wholesale and resell them to the public or businesses and keep 100% of the profit. www.hotelsetc.com/go

We provide you with a website to resell membership cards, when someone purchases they purchase through your website and the funds go to your paypal account. You are responsible for mailing on the membership card. If they purchase through your website then you will receive a payment every 12 months unless they cancel. Once a customer renews you will have to ship out another membership card so they can update their account for another year.

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